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Welcome to Scorecard! For many years, churches measured their success in ministry by the three B’s: baptisms, bodies in the pew and budgets that were fully funded. As new generations are born and expected to become part of the church, the church is struggling to find success in terms of these three B’s. We must ask ourselves if this is truly what Jesus intended through this teaching and death on the cross. Are these numerical wins equivalent to the eternal life that Jesus promises? Do we need to reconsider what we define as a win?

Scorecard is designed to provide a place for conversation and thought about what is really important as the church fulfills its mission to develop and launch true disciples of Christ who can carry out the mission of the church, disciple-making. Through a study of the biblical call to ministry in the home, vision for the church to answer this call and some practical ways to begin the work, we pray Scorecard starts a revolution of generational disciple-making in your church.


Section 1
Lecture 1Biblical Foundation for Discipleship in the Home
Lecture 2Today's Scorecard
Lecture 3Creating a Vision for Family Ministry
Lecture 4Developing an Intentional Plan for Discipleship
Lecture 5Scorecard: Creating a Milestone Ministry
Lecture 6Teamwork for a Winning Scorecard

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